Cant reach 5H

Good ay everyone

I play Infinite flight on Ipad 2017 and to get to grade2 i need flight time i have the required XP but my problem is that to get 5hours flight time i need to do a long flight but the game drains my battery even when charging i cant reach 5H with a full charge
Can anyone help with a solution or is there anything else i can do to get the 5H ?


Just do several 1-2 hour flights. You never have to do the full 5 hours in 1 flight. I would also suggest that you have your iPad on low power mode and the graphic settings low because that will drain less battery. You might also want to try lowering your brightness. And welcome to the IFC!

Adding onto that, welcome to the IFC!

@RoDude1230 said that even while charging he is unable to reach 5 hours because the device dies.

Oh, must’ve misread it then. That’s not a good sign if your device dies while on the charger. Either trying replacing the charger or it the battery could be worn down.

@RoDude1230 Go into the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health

What percentage does it say?

How old is the device?

They use an iPad from 2017, which is not too old. I think it depends on the type of charger they use.

@RoDude1230 check your charging adapter and how many watts it can provide. If it says 12W (the charging brick that came with your iPad) or higher, then you’re good. If you’re using a small charging brick, like a 5W charging adapter, then that’s why your iPad runs out of battery during your flight since 5W is not enough power to charge your iPad when you’re running a graphic intensive app like Infinite Flight. I use an iPad Pro 2017, and I use a 12W charger that came with my iPad to charge my iPad when I do my flights.

When you’re doing long flights, lower the graphics in the settings, lower the brightness, and set the time to ‘Night’. This will allow your iPad to not use as much power to fuel the high graphics and will allow your iPad to charge.

If you update your iPad to iPadOS 15, the latest version, you can set Low Power Mode for your iPad, just like you can set Low Power Mode on iPhone. You can ask Siri to turn on Low Power Mode, or add that option in the Control Center.

Hey there, welcome to the community! There’s a few things you can do to improve battery life while flying

Very good point made by canned aviation as well:

Keep your device charging and in a cool area while flying.

Close all background apps accept for Infinite Flight.

Turn down volume and brightness, these are battery killers.

Use IOS low power mode, and Infinite flight’s automatic low power mode located in settings.

Adjust graphic and frame rate settings to fit your iPad best.

Hope some of these help!


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