Cant pushback

I was just at MUHA in a 757 and I received pushback clearance I had all the ground service away and they were gone so I attached the tug, released the parking brake, and pressed push. And it wouldn’t go. It said detach all ground services. So I double checked and they were all detached and. So I tied again and it would not pushback. No matter what I tried I kept getting the same message to detach all ground services but the only one I had attached was the pushback tug and I can’t get rid of that because then it wouldn’t push. Does anyone know what happened or have a solution to it

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And just another little info, I ended the flight to send a message about what happened and now I respawned and tried it and it worked fine so maybe it was a one time thing?

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sometimes you have to make sure they are not moving, and turn on your beacon lights when you are ready to move.

i usually do 1 minute delay between the services moving and me pushing back so i don’t run into problems

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If the usual procedure doesn’t, just restart the flight.
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Try flashing your beacon lights. It will automatically clear the ground services and should allow you to push.

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Ok if it happens again I’ll flash the beacon lights and give it more time and also sorry if this is a duplicate


I ran into the same issue. You have to disable your parking break.

Truest thing I’ve seen since 22.4 came out

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Did the flashing beacon idea work?

hi guys, I’ve just had the same issue.

This may sound a little “unprofessional” however you do not need to restart the flight.

All of the GS were removed prior to departure however i also could not pushback as k was getting the remove services before pushing back. So what i did was to press “Auto start” all engines. Removed the pushback Tug, applied a little throttle to move the aircraft and it moved.

Make sure parking brakes are off as well

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