Can't pushback

I can’t seem to pushback. Every time I click the button it flashes orange for a second but then just goes back to normal and nothing happens. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

I’ve experienced the same thing but when I restart my phone it goes normal again

Try to restart your phone or infinite flight

I’ll try thanks!

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Happy to helping the community!

Nope still happening ://

Do you have the APU and the Master Switch turned on?

Hey @cheesy001 although it’s a pain, try reinstalling the app. It’s a possibility

well idk then :/

Hey @cheesy001 ,

If you can’t pushback is can be different reason, there is the following reason ;

You have forgot to put your brake on 

Try to re launch the app if it's persist 

If they persist throughout, contact an moderator or dev 

I hope this have you help !

@Airliner @Baba @AviatorDan @Z-Tube thanks for all the help guys I’ll try all of these suggestions :)

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Guys it worked tysm!! :)))

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