Can't Purchase Sub From App Store

Some one please help I’m not being able to figure this out I’m on IOS i did everything i could but it didn’t work image

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It won’t let you buy it?

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Did you also try restarting your device this usually fixes problems? Try that if you did not.

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Check your account in your settings or just reinstall the app and it should be back to normal I have seen this before and I restarted my device :) don’t worry

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Can you make sure that you are connected to the internet and are signed into iTunes or Play Store?

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First- is your device jail broken or rooted in any way at all? If so you can not buy any in app purchases from infinite flight
If not then follow these steps in the exact same order as displayed-

  • Uninstall infinite flight
  • Restart your device ( home and lock buttons iOS, I believe it’s the volume and lock buttons on Samsung
  • Re-install infinite flight

Do you have restrictions enabled on your device?

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@Banana_The_Pilot we could only help further after we have some more information:

Are you connected to wifi or cellular data?
Are you signed into your iTunes account or Playstore?
Are your restriction or parental controls activated? - if so, turn them off


My best guess is to set up a new Infinite Pro account, or to log off and then back on to another device. You could also try and logging on to Infinite Flight from another device. Sorry if this doesn’t work, and I hope that you get you issue fixed.


I have had this before, it’s surely not jailbroken or anything like that, it’s just a common error. Try restarting your device and tell us how it goes.

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