can't purchase pro subscription (transaction can’t be completed)

my payment method is [Direct carrier billing] ooredoo. device Samsung tablet Android version 6.0.1
google play.

i was always able to purchase games and in-app purchases just fine, i have about 55. usd in my ooredoo balance which is more than enough to purchase the ‘6 months pro subscription’ which shows total as 49.99 including tax, but it’s not letting me purchase the subscription with this message (your transaction cannot be completed)

i even tried doing an in-app purchase in another game just a minute ago and it’s worked! i am sure there’s nothing wrong with my payment method,

i reinstalled the game and cleared google play/service cache & date, i restarted my device and still can’t fix the problem,.

please help

My payment method is similar, just a question, how many months are you buying and when you recharge that money?My payment method is similar, just a question, how many months are you buying and when you recharge that money?

The price “$49.99” does not include tax. Depending on where you are located and the tax put on subscription purchases you may need to pay more money. For an example a location may have a 13% tax which would make the total price $56.49. Some other locations do not have taxes on purchases. This is possibly the reason why it is saying “transaction cannot be completed.” You will have to find out how much tax is put on app store purchases.

i just checked again and it’s says [no tax] also i tried purchasing the one month subscription 9.99 and still didn’t work,.

When they recharge you, it may not reach you @MGM1

what do you mean by recharge that money?!

also i wanna buy the 6 months version

you have money back in your payment method

any other ideas?

Change the payment method, put money into your Google Play or iTunes account and with that you pay, you can also use a credit card

i don’t think it’s possible to buy in-app purchases using google balance in my place that’s why i am using ‘Direct carrier billing’ this is not as same as google balance,. and i was able to do in-app purchases before with ‘Direct carrier billing’ only now i have a problem trying to get IF pro!

i checked my google account payment activity and under infinite flight pro subscription [6 months] it shows ‘status Declined’

Check this out:

Maybe that will help you.

Hey please show the recipt normally you can refund with Google with a 2 hours time period and get your money back with valid evidence and you can email the FDS or google themselves and see if you can troubleshoot the issue

Thanks and I hope you find this a little helpful

i just managed to buy the one month subscription i don’t know wtf is going on ;.; it’s so random

Hi @MGM1 the reason that the 1-month subscription went through successfully and the 6-month didn’t go through is because of taxes. Tax rates are based on your state or federal government.

the thing is i wasn’t even able to buy the one month version! i just kept trying randomly until it’s finally let me have one, but who knows!

anyway i won’t mind the monthly payment since it’s cheaper than i thought judging from the amount it deducted from my balance

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