Can't Purchase Live Subscription

Can you please assist. I am trying to purchase live subscription but it stays like this, it doesnt move pass that but it lets me click on the BACK button. Thank you

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Try purchasing it online


Try making sure you have anouth wifi and try also restarting you’re device,if the issue keeps on happening,I suggest you contact FDS support.

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I also have experienced this before when buying Denver region, Try to force stop the app and try buying it again. It will work

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Like @SingaporeAirlines said, force quit the app, typically by double-clicking the home button so the applications can be swept upwards, and that’ll quit them. Then try purchasing.

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It happened also to me. I restarted the app and it said that I already bought the app. But I wasn’t able to play live so I spend €10 for 1 month live. :(

How do you purchase it online?

thank you all for your points but i tried:
Uninstalling and installing the app
Force closing it and reopening it.
Rebooting my iPhone and nothing happened.

now i am about to try to do this online if possible… but i will recommend the glitch of not being able to buy it through the the phone should be fixed.
Side Note: I am able to purchase airplanes and Maps but not the subscription.

Please click HERE for how to get support.

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In the top right corner of the page, login and buy a subscription.

I should probably make a separate support topic, but when I sign in using Google, it just closes the Google tab and I’m still not logged in.

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Please read HERE for how to make a support request.

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