Can't purchase Live+ subscription on website

Hi all,

After a series of posts in other threads have not resolved this for me, here is my own thread.

I’ve been unable to purchase a subscription through the website. I currently have an active subscription but this shouldn’t be an issue as I understand it.

This is a screen shot of the error after seeing the green tick on Stripe payment page.

I have received the same error even after trying the following parameters:

  1. iOS and Windows 10
  2. Safari (page loads on iOS), Chrome (page does not load on iOS), chrome and IE on windows 10 (page loads)
  3. Visa and MasterCard (both cards are known to work for both online and offline transactions)
  4. Turned off all Adblock and pop up blockers

I’m based in Singapore so Stripe should work (as evidenced by the green tick I see and the subsequent redirect to the IF profile page as you see above).

Please advise. I would really love to take advantage of the early purchase of Live+.


We actually block payments from Singapore due to the high rate of credit card fraud we’ve seen from there.