Can't purchase a live subscription

Hi , as my topic said…
why i cant buy subscribe live multiplayer… im using IOS

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Could be an internet issue, try reloading. But try purchasing it from the website it helps the dev’s a bit because apple charges for in app purchases
Its exactly the same

For internet issues i think not… my connection stable… but il try use at website as you suggest… may i know what website can i refer it?

It says in blue letters “I already have a Live subscription”. Did you write that there or is it in-game?

If that already appears, that’s strange because it shouldn’t say “I”

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Yes, it should.

That’s there in order to restore your purchase.

I know, but why would he not just put the text under that?
It seems like the same font used as other text in-game…

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Then that’s the solution.

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Where did you get your copy of IF?

Isn’t it solved ;)

ok guys… i done purchase it… thx for your all help…

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