Cant post in features section?

As the title says, when I post it won’t let me select features as the topic and if I go to the features topic the “new post” button in gray


You need to be TL2 to post in #features. Keep actively liking, reading and posting and you will get there soon!

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What is TL2?

Highly suggest you check this out:

Hi Chase! Trust levels are a way to ensure that new users are learning about the forum in steps for a smoother transition. Currently, you are Basics (TL1). Keep positively contributing to the forum and you’ll get to Member (TL2) in no time, giving you a few perks like feature requests.

This should help you out further:

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Trust level 2. Basically as you gain experience on the forum you move up in trust level and gain access to new categories.

Thank you all!

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Be active and create a better place to go with this community and you will quickly reach TL2 :)

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No need to duplicate answers.