Can't play with purchased aircraft without internet?

When I get on to play all my purchased planes say they’re not purchase. It not a problem when I have internet though but what annoy’s me is that my brother doesn’t have this problem. Any advice? Btw I have an IPhone 6 Plus.

Did you try restoring purchase?

I can’t really do it when I don’t have internet.

That won’t work, you have to buy things over any internet network only.

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Okay, did you plane on another device?

Yes, on an IPhone 6 and I can play it just fine.

So you bot a plane on the 6 and then you got a 6s

It might have to do with a transfer problem… Make sure your using the correct Apple ID

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6+ not 6s, and I think he can only restore purchases over a network, that may solve the issue :)

No I bought it on my iPhone 6 plus and I have an iPhone 6, the problem is on the the device I bought it with.

After I restore purchase I can play just fine but as soon as I leave a network it goes back to saying I need to purchase the aircraft.

Yeah, you can’t use purchasables that you bought when not connected to Internet.

Yeah I thought so too until my brother said he could play with them without internet.

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Your brother probably has LTE, or he’s trolling you.

Nope, we were on a plane, I was sitting right next to him. Unless he somehow had magical powers to get internet at 33,000 ft.

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The airline probably provides wifi.

On one flight yes SFO-SYD United Airlines. But from SYD-BKK Thai Airways there wasn’t internet.

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He probably set up a hotspot for himself.

You can do that on a plane?

I don’t know but you can set one up, not exactly sure how that works though…

Ok, at I know it’s not a device problem. Thank you for your help.