Can't Play This Game Anymore (19.03v)

I’m not sure for user who still using Android 5 will get notice like this or not. How user want to play this game if this notice forcing user to update their app but they can’t because Infinite Flight required Android 6 to play this game.

Hope developer considered this issue for old device who can’t get updates


Sorry to hear that but Android 5 is way too old to support IF. You should upgrade to a newer device. Hope I helped!

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They do, but the game does require certain specifications in order to properly run the sim, the device specs can be found here in the support FAQ i linked below, and adding on it does requires a few other things, like the phone being up to date on updates, shipped by android. And very old devices won’t be supported on IF forever, the team does aim to optimize the updates for new and older devices but there’s only a limit on how old devices can get before they cant be supported anymore

and if you’re looking for a new device check this thread out


Android 5 Lollipop from 2014 surely has some security issues as well as issues running modern apps. It doesn’t have the capability to run some things and the developers would have to spend more time ensuring it is compatible with old software which doesn’t have modern security. Maybe consider upgrading.


But it still playable on old version. Btw, my device version is Android 7 Nougat not Android 5

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Try updating the app in the Play Store as it supports Android 6 and up.

@Hadzrien can you clarify the exact device and version of Android you are using? Thanks!

Mi Note 4X (Snapdragon), Android 7

If you are using a modified version of infinite flight, it won’t receive updates, nor will it be officially supported. I recommend you install the proper version of the application from whichever app store your device uses as your phone should support the current version of Infinite Flight with its hardware.

A Snapdragon 625 and an Adreno 506 are enough to run the simulator on at least a mix of medium and high settings. You should never use modified software. Not only is it bad for the initial developer, it could be harmful to your device also.

19.4 included important framework to allow support for the new features, as a result the older version (19.3 and under) is no longer compatible


We do consider it, but we have to cut off old versions to stop modified versions from being used as they stream old data. If there are users accessing our servers without paying, it costs us money, which isn’t a good long-term strategy :)

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