Can't play solo mode

Dear admin
I was the one who liked the infinite flight app. My question is as follows, why after the update to play solo should stay online. Should if want to play online then required a connection, but to play solo play I do not think it needs a connection. This problem happens to me, I am someone who has to work in a place where there is no network. But if I am in the city, I like to buy airplanes that I like and according to the plane my country Indonesia by way of purchase flight. But at my work there is no network, so I play solo. I am comfortable up to update 16. +. + Before. But because of the latest global update 17. I am having trouble playing again. In because of the need for a connection to play solo while I have no network in my workplace. Previously I thank you for your attention. Nb: sorry speech bad google translate

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You need to be online for Solo so the scenery can be streamed from the servers - without this Infinite Flight would take up hundreds of gigabytes of storage.


This haa been answered many times in various topics. Try searching next time.