Can't play most of my replay files

My subscription just expired today and it now seems most of my replay files are grayed out and are not playable. Has anyone else had this issue?


This is normal. If you go outside of the region you without a sub you can’t access the rest of your flight replay. If you purchase a sub you’ll have access to all your replays again.


What @infiniteflight_17 said is correct. Just thought I would say, Welcome to the Community! Be sure to check out #meta:forum-guide on all the documents you need to get your Infinite Flight Community journey started!

Thanks for the quick replies! That makes sense, I guess it’s time to renew!


Just to clarify to anyone who was curious the reason for this is because they still have to stream that data, so you’d be using many if not all of the same resources you do when you make that flight with a subscription.

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