Can't play all servers

I cannt joun any servers please help.

Hey, what do you mean any servers. You can’t connect to none of the 3 servers, or only one of em?
If you can’t connect in general, check your WiFi first. Close the app (shut down) and restart. If this doesn’t help, pls check if you got the newest IF version available on your App Store.

It says can’t access level 2 or 3

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If you cannot access higher level servers, you may not meet the requirements. If you look at your grade table, it tells you what server(s) you are eligible for and the requirements for the next level (grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, etc)

Grade 2 is required to access the Training Server, and Grade 3 or higher is required to access the Expert server

If you want to increase your grade, take a look at the orange numbers in your stats page, those are the requirements you need to meet to increase your grade.

If you want to see your stats go to:

  • Settings → Account → Account Statistics/View Stats

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