Cant people choose an aircraft to suit the size of the airport?

I was at EGHH just now (on expert) and I see people with A340 and 747 trying to manoeuvre around the airport, making it hard to get around.Can’t people just pick an aircraft according to the size of the airport?


There’s many people on IF who aren’t as smart as others. :/


You just have to be patient because some people just want to do their own thing and don’t care if you like it or not. Its just human nature.(unfortunately that is one of the problems we have with people)

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EGHH is capable of accommodating many large aircraft so there is no reason as to why people shouldn’t do it on live. A Qatar Amri B747-800 is based there


You definitely can, and should. Sadly most people don’t. I generally fly the A320 which is fit for all B Class airports, and a lot of C Class ones too. But for anyone who does not generally know the ropes, runway size is usually, usually, a good indication of whether or not your aircraft is good for the airport. (Especially if you have never been there, and you are flying into it.)


Isit not ze controller’s job to divert them to another😂 or is there no option to do so at this time

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The answer to the original question. Because they can.

That’s like asking why do people steal cars in GTA V.

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