Can't overspeed the F-22

I tried everything but I can’t overspeed the F-22
Why is that. Anyone knows what is the F-22’s overspeed?
I say this in an attempt to stop pests on from going and travel anywhere in two minutes or go on to FL1300 and make people think they are in-test spacecraft
Anyway whatever that speed, after 1350KTS th plane laggs and stalls and crashes both itself and sometimes the game.

I think going any faster will be too demanding on the performance which is why the app crashes. This is probably why this limit was put in place.

On my iPad air 2 in a few previous updates I’ve gone to 2,000KTS without crashing the game
Though my plane crashed and went to around -1000 to -1500ft

The devs may have tweaked the speed limit for this update

With pin-point accuracy and your iPad linked to the world’s largest supercomputer, you can go to 3K 5K 10K or even 50K knots.
Or you can overload the game an hitch a ride to 5,000,000ft at 10,000,000 knots

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