Can't open the game

Hey guys! I always have a problem to play IF on my jailrboken and iOS 8 iPhone 5s since August. What can I do for playing it. It’s really annoying!

The problem is the fact you have Jailbroken it, IF has problems with Jailbroken devices. My advice, buy a new device.

Be sure to include the version of iOS (exact), and the game version before posting, and which jailbreaking system you have installed. This way you can be better assisted.

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Try to do multiple restarts. I do 2 soft restarts, if that doesn’t work, do 2 hard restarts. To do a hard restart, hold the on/off button on the top of the phone and hold the home button. Hold it for about 20 seconds until the apple logo shows up. Hope it works for ya! If it’s jailbroken, I don’t know then.

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It’s iOS 8.3 insalled iPhone 5s (iPhone 6,2), Cydia 1.1.26, and version of the game is 16.02.0 - lastest one

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I’m trying it now!

That didn’t worked :(

Probably try calling Apple Support maybe? That’s the only thing I know might work.

Try updating to iOS 9 unless your jailbreak is optimized for 8

Easy…game is not compatible with IOS 8 anymore…and the jailbreak is doing the rest,…so sorry bud, you have to decide: Jailbreak or IF

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Thanks, I deleted jailbreak and IF works well on iOS 8.3