Cant open replays on

I can download all just cant open the files…

Are you using an android or iOS device?
Do you have infinite flight?
Do you have an active subscription?




Go to your file explorer. Select the file. Then click on share and find infinite flight.

That should work.

^That doesnt work

And when i click download it says: note Cant open

Do not click on it. Hold click so that it is selected then click share on the side of the file explorer.

Wait… What?

Yeah that ^^

Are you having issues downloading or importing the file into infinite flight?

All of the above

If i click on it it says

If i hold on it and then share with infinite flight nothing happens…

Does infinite flight open and then nothing happens when you share?

Infinite flight doesnt even open…

What android device are you using?

Im using Huawei P30 Lite

Could you share an example of one you cannot open?

You wont see anything else beside mesagge saying Note Cant Open

Okay so some how i managed to open reolay in infinite flight and then i got this:

NOTE: I have more than half a storage left on my device

And also i have no idea how i got the file in infinte flight becuse it glitched out when it said: Cant open