Can't open Infinite Flight app

Hello! Seems like i have an issue for opening Infinite Flight. I can’t open my Infinite Flight since last night. I was done from my flight KLAX-PHNL last night, then i exit the flight, but when i want to enter Infinite Flight back, it says that “Infinite Flight Keeps Stoping”. Here is the picture:

I’ve done reseting my phone for a few times and i knew that my phone files was quite full so i decided to delete some application. And i’ve notice that there is an update at infinite flight in playstore, so i update my Infinite Flight. But after i update, it says the same like the picture at the top. I don’t know this is an issue from Infinite Flight or from my phone. I hope that someone can help with this issue. Thanks!

Idk tho, idk this is an issue from Infinite Flight or from my phone.

Uninstall then reinstall

No need to tag the one and only. He is a very busy man and one of his main jobs is to monitor this category. He will arrive in this topic as soon as he sees it.

@Aviation2929 it’s a bit early to uninstall and reinstall. Try restarting your device first then uninstall and reinstall.


Sorry I deleted it

i’m scared

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Hi, for further analysis can you provide the following information!

★ Your device model
★ Storage remaining on your device
★ Was your device overheated when you tried to launch Infinite Flight?


  1. my device? samsung galaxy j6
  2. storage remain maybe around 780mb
  3. my phone was not over heated (i guess)

That’s too less of a remaining storage which you got. I would recommend atleast having 1.5Gb of remaining storage.

So what I’d say is to clear out some storage and try starting IF again.

i’ve delete around 3 apps tho. and i’ve turn off my phone for 20 minutes and still can’t open my IF

After deleting those 3 apps, what’s the remaining available storage?
If there’s 1.5Gb of available storage or more, I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Infinite Flight app again.

Let me know!

i delete 3 apps when my file is almost 32gb, and now i have around 700mb. i don’t know what to delete again. the thing is, things i want to delete is from my infinite flight. such as deleting replay flights

As your Infinite Flight keeps crashing, it would be difficult to delete those replay files. So you can delete Infinite Flight and then download it again. That’s the best which you can do now.

the thing is, i’m scared that when i delete it i must download it again by paying

No. You will not have to pay again if you already bought it. You would have to pay of you are going to download it from another account. So just use the account which you used to buy Infinite Flight. It will not ask you to purchase the app again as you already bought it. I have also deleted and reinstalled Infinite Flight multiple times.

maybe this is a good solution but i’m scared to do it. sorry :(

Ok. So I can’t do much as I don’t have anywhere to go off now. I’ll leave it to Schyllberg or another moderator once they get here.

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thanks for your suggestion, i’ll wait for Schyllberg or the other staff here.

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Eyy, thanks mate! I’m back now!

Glad to know it worked! Have a good one! :)