Can't move the cockpit camera?

Hello everyone!

So weird issue going on right now. I’m doing a flight but I can’t move the cockpit camera around. I can zoom in and out but it’s not moving up down left and right. I’ve tried a few things. Any ideas?

Could you possibly replicate this and record it (with a screen recorder) and then send is the video? Thanks!

Is that the CRJ? If yes I experienced that too, it’s just because your device isn’t powerful enough.
For example for me it was on the Samsung j5(2016), but on the tab S3 I got no probs

My device is powerful enough, I’m running Infinite Flight with an iPad Pro :)

We need more details such as which aircraft, is this reproducible, what build of Infinite Flight do you have installed, is this in a busy airspace and so on.

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Have you tried clearing cache, try hiding the HUD and switch views then go back.


I had it ages ago so i stopped infinite flight, closed background apps and restarted the app and i have never had the problem since

Ok everything’s fixed :) All I had to do was restart IF, I didn’t do it before cause I was flying. But I finished that flight (I mean the app crashed…) and everything’s fine now :)