Can't lower texture quality in planes with live cockpit

Since the A320 cockpit was introduced, lowering the scenery quality would have lowered the live cockpit quality so that numbers become illegible. Was this intended and is a fix in the works?

Well this explains it all. Have you turned down the rendering quality? Rendering quality lowers the cockpit quality.

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Why would it EVER make sense to lower the quality of the live cockpit? Doesn’t this prevent older phones from using the live cockpit well? FYI my old phone I use for longer flights sometimes start lagging right above the threshold from rendering the airport

The live cockpit screens remain the same and are well visible while in this setting.

The text on the live cockpit become too blurry to clearly distinguish certain numbers

It makes the same kind of sense as it does having the setting at all :)
On less powerful devices, it’s not possible to have everything look super crisp and at the same time have a smooth experience.

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I have a 2019 ipad and it tends to run slow and lag, i have to turn down my quality on newer aircraft, do you know why? I mean 2019 wasn’t long ago so i feel like it should be running smoothly🤷‍♂️

Different topic :)
Create a separate topic or PM me.

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So the sim is designed so that older phones that cannot use high textures are not allowed to use live cockpit at all?

Allowed? No one said anything about it being forbidden.

Why there no other version that is more qualified for those who have devices with the highest quality to experience real life?

Except there is… it’s called crancking up the settings to the highest ;)


Ok, thank you @Maxim

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