Can't login

Today I wanted to go on grownd control but I had some issues with it (I was stuck on observer mode) and I restarted the app and the tablet several times and than this happened. I’ve reconnected to 3 different networks but still those two messages appear.

This is a link to a topic with a similar problem. Check this out and if it doesn’t help just keep asking people. Good luck :)

Thanks but I’ve read this before the second problem started and I can’t see if it’s now working.

Have you made sure you have the correct credentials/username and pw? This can be easily overlooked, otherwhise a simple app reinstall can do the trick, try it out and please get back to us.

I did that too but still no luck.
But on my phone everything is OK. I log out on my phone before trying to log in on my tablet.

If it is ok on another device, you should probably reinstall Infinite Flight on your tablet.

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Yes i did it two times.

Oh sorry, i missed that.
What kind of tablet are you using?

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Samsung galaxy tab s2

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Ok. After restarting the tablet again it’s working.


Sometimes you just have to be persistent. Nice to hear to it’s working!

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