Cant login to Pro subscription

Cant login to pro subscription. I sign in with my google account and it says sign-in approved. Then it just says contacting server…and stays there. Waited 20 mins. Tried restarting phone. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


Bit of a headscratcher. Try these steps :)

  • Try restarting your phone again and uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight again
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection when you are logging in

This happened to me recently, but later I was able to login

Happens to me everytime i reinstall the app but i just close the app then log in again in im good

I’ve now reinstalled 4 times. Restarted phone and app probably 10 times. Still same thing. Tried on Wi-Fi, tried on Verizon with full service, tried with both on.

It happened to me yesterday but then Pro just got back somehow. All I did was make sure I was logged in and restarted the app. Probably not the solution but just saying how I got back.