Can't login to my acc :'(

Hi guys, i have a problem here…
I just got a new device and i tried to login to IF but it says “this account isn’t linked to an IF subscription (error code 1)”… I tried both facebook and google but it says the same… I remember that the account was linked to google but i can’t log in. I tried to login to the community but it says there’s no such account. I’ve tried to reinstall app, restart the device and nothing is working… Is there any hope i could get my acc back? :’(

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Is there any chance you have your old device lying around?

Do you perhaps have other email addresses that could’ve been used for Infinite Flight?


Always a good place to start;
What is the last username/display name & callsign you remember using?

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Yes, i have my old device here!
I’ve tried every email address that i could think of using:/

Are you able to access your account from that device?

Yes, it’s logged in automatically.
I could just use that, but my device is so old that it crashes everytime i try to go to a busy airport or using the a350…

Okay, I’ve managed to find it.
It’s a Gmail address though. Same as what you have in here, but with a period between first & last name (not writing out the email for security reasons, spam bots can pick it up)

Oh thank you so much!
It was a facebook acc and had something to do with the facebooks settings…

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