Can't log on to another device.

Hey guys,

I am having trouble logging on my other android phone. I have IF Pro on my tablet and my old phone (That broke) And I can’t log onto IF Pro… Help?

If you are trying to log on at the same time, you will not be able to as you can only fly on one device at a time.

Are you recieving an error?

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No I don’t think so, I click I already have a subscription and it does nothing… It just goes to No active IF Live Subscriptions found.

Did you log in with the correct account?

Yes. I am on a different version of Infinite Flight // It’s not global… But how do I update it?

Check if your device is compatible. If yes, you should be able to update the app. (Android devices must have Android 5.0 or higher)

Live subscription for pre global infinite flight is no longer available. I recommend using the link that @Starley has posted above