Cant log into Account

Hey IFC Members,

So I just got a new IPad so that I could use it while I fly irl and on Infinite Flight. However when I go to log into my subscription through my Facebook it says that an account is already linked to this Facebook.

My Questions:

I always remember being able to log into your subscription on more than one account is that not the case anymore?

Is it because I cant use it on a Samsung and IPad?

Do I have to log out of all of my connected devices to log in on this one?

Devices being used:
Samsung S9

Here is that picture that my subscription is still live

Thanks for any help

Have you tried to log out of Facebook then log back in?
This helped me once before

I dont have Facebook on this new IPad yet. I just tried for the first time a couple of hours ago and this popped up

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You are saying that you were able to fly online with both Apple and Android (not simultaneously) with a subscription purchased from the Play Store?

I purchased the Subscription through my Facebook account with money from a play store account. Now when I try to log on with IPad it doesnt allow me to log into my subscription through my facebook. Is that due to me buying it through play store money on a Facebook account and trying to log on with an IPad

Did you make this purchase with your Apple device or Android device?

My android device

So if I buy a month on the apple device would he be able to switch my current subscription on my samsung to the apple device so my stats and stuff would be the same

Then I wouldnt be able to fly on my Samsung account anymore?

Just to make it clear: Are you talking about the subscription or the account? The screenshot shows that you are trying to log in into your account but you are having issues. In your post you mention that you can not access your subscription.


I guess I’m trying to log into my account to get my subscription and stats

You should still be able to log in though. Could you try logging out of your account on your Android device and log in on the iPad?


Yea I tried doing that and it didnt work.

I have another Samsung tablet that I’m not near right now logged in. If I log out of all Samsung accounts do you think that’ll work

We won’t know until you try. Make sure that you are logged out of your account on every single Anrdoid device you have Infinite Flight on and then try logging in on the iPad.

In case it does not work, I would suggest that you change the password of your Facebook account and try signing in on your iPad. Make sure that you are logged out of your account on your Android device(s) while doing it.


Alright I’m currently across the country from my tablet so itll be like 3 days from now but thanks for now. I’ll be sure to contact you again once I log out of my Samsung tabley

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It should log you out of everything you use Facebook for if you change the password. Give that a try and see if it works. If not, then try it again once you have access to your Samsung tablet.

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