Can't log in

When i put facebook or Google account it keeps on saying account not found need help please

I assue you are talking about logging into the app?

Which did you sign up with, facebook or google?

If this is for the app, ensure that you’re logging in to the same account you bought the subscription on.

I tryed google didn’t work then facebook didnt work

Which login did you purchase the subscription for?

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I put in acount and it doesn’t take me to subscription page just says account not found

Can you share screen shots of what you are seeing?

Are you flying solo or flying live?

Can you please redo the upload?

Which of the two accounts (google or facebook) did you start your live subscription?

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Did you sign up? If so, did you use google or facebook to sign up. If you havent signed up yet you need to click the “sign up here” button.

If you don’t know which to use, are you sure that you’ve created an IF account?

It’s not just asking for your Google or Facebook account, you have to have created an IF account utilising one or the other.

[Oops, sorry, typing same time.]

I’ve had this problem before, deleting and re-installing the app usually helps.

Is it because im using a samsung tab 3

Can you address the questions that are being asked?

Do you have an IF account? The fact that you tried both FB and Google suggests that you don’t know what it is if you do. Are you sure you have an account? That is step one.

(Account not found is also a hint…)

I do have account it just won’t take me to subscription page

I found the problem im using a tablet and on my mums phone the thing works but not on my tablet