Can't log in

I don’t understand why but when I try to log in I can’t contact server

My device:

  • Sony Xperia xz
  • android 7.1.1
  • latest version of Infinite Flight

I have purchased a IF pro subscription some days ago and I flew a bit. My WIFI haven’t any problem. I tried everything (restart my phone, etc…).

I hope we could find a solution :^)

Let’s start that checklist :)

Logging in is not related to performance issues… The checklist you posted is for Performance issues

Goood, point let me frab the right one…

Edit, couldn’t find one :(

-I’d restart the App, aswell as your device if needed, I’ve had this before but not in the latest version of IF.


  • Try connecting on your mobile network
  • reinstall Infinite Flight (your planes and subscription will be changed)
  • Try switching off your modem/router for about 30 seconds and turn it on
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This is not a connection problem, I did everything and it still don’t work…

The servers might be being updated

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Let’s hope it’s the case…

My brother had the same issue earlier

Yeah it still doesn’t work, let’s wait

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Are you sure you just aren’t getting good wifi? Try

I can actually fly on solo (don’t know how it’s possible)

I changed some of my Google parameters, and it’s fine thanks all

Hi there,

Is there any chance you could provide the changes that you made? This maybe useful for other users that are or have encountered this issue.


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I changed parameters in Play Store section and I deleted IF from Related applications. Than I tried to connect and everything worked perfectly.

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