Can't log in

Hi guys

I’m sorry for creating this thread but I can’t log in to google for flying online. I have premium membership but it just keeps telling me "contacting server"
All I want to do Is fly planes. Sincere apologies if this discussion is elsewhere. Thanks

It may be possible because of the internet connection.

Possibly but I’m using an iPad air 2 and Internet is working perfectly. I restarted iPad and also reinstalled infinite flight. Thanks for your suggestion …

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@bee9791 Contact @Tyler_Shelton or @Mark_Denton for further assistance, they will be glad to help you solve your problem.

This is a known issue. About 2 months ago I reported the same problem. Unfortunetly(unless things have changed which I highly doubt), there is no way to fix it besides moving the account to facebook. Still contact the people NismoKits recommended so they know you are having the issue.

Thanks guys,

I’ll try Tyler first and see has he any ideas on it.

Had this issue this morning as well as a few times prior with other apps that use Google Log In, try logging into the google site, update your password and then try again. This has worked for me all but maybe one or two times with google. #HappyFlying!

You don’t need to be sorry - this is a very valid support topic 😉😊