Can't log in please help:(

I have a account on my old phone and I want it on my Main phone. So I logged in with my Facebook on the old phone. But I can’t log in with Facebook on my main phone because it wants to use another Facebook account. I can’t choose which Facebook account I want to log in with. Please help.

Send a PM to @schyllberg with the information below (this would be on your new account) and he can switch the information and data to your new account:

How do I send a DM/PM

Oh, you are TL0 so you can’t send a PM, when @schyllberg is available he will send you a PM or he will talk to you right here, give him this information:

Please let us know the display name and callsign for both the new account as well as the one you wish to use, and we can then transfer the subscription to the correct account.

Ooo I’am new here so I can’t send DM’s:/ Could you please mention Schyllberg here if that’s work idk. But if it does, Thank you.

The sending limitation is for normal users. You should be able to send to Moderators and Staff.

How do I send DM’s? Or can you help me? When I try to log in with Facebook It’s trys to log in with another Facebook account. So how can I choose which account I want to log in with.

Thank you, Vincent.

I don’t quite understand why a PM to me would save the day here? ;)

The user is having issues with the Facebook accounts on respective devices.


Open the Facebook website on the device you’re having issues with and sign out from there.

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