Cant Load Replay File

Hello, I’m trying to load up one of my replay files to look back at a flight for video purposes, however it’s not loading. All my other replay files manage to load up and I can access them no problem so I know it’s not a wifi issue. There’s just this one which won’t load even after 5 mins of waiting

Help appreciated, cheers

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: iOS


Been stuck on this screen for a long time

It happens sometimes when the file gets corrupt, how long was the flight?

It’s likely that it’s a corrupted file, so ultimately it probably won’t load.

Share the replay at if i cant get it to work its corrupted

Flight was 2hrs. If it’s corrupted can it be fixed or is it gone forever?

It cant be fixed, but just to make sure its curropted share it so i can test it

Ok I’ve uploaded it

Link man i cant just find it

It’s there

It seems to be a corrupted file so there isn’t anything you can do with it, unfortunately.

Yep its corrupted, we cant possibly get it back :/ sorry mate. You may mark this as the solution and ask for topic closure. I cant give any tips to avoid this in the future

Ok thanks for your help anyway :(


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