Can't load in, stuck on load screen

I know this was an issue as the servers were full, but the servers have calmed down a bit and people can load in. But I can’t. I just get stuck on the load screen. Any help?

Does it just stay on the loading screen for eternity or does it kick you back to the selection page after ~30 seconds of waiting?

Nothing, just spins.

Alright. I’m experiencing this now too. The Infinite Flight team is probably doing something with the servers to try to fix some issues (or they’re just having issues again) 🤷🏼

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Okay, that could be it then. Thank you for checking :)

Hey , it’s maybe because the servers are full , try to restart you device.

I had the same issue, exited the app and went back in and then it was solved. Probably give that one a try!

I got loaded in after five minutes

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