Can't listen to music when IF is running

So when turn music then i head to IF, when the song is finished, it turn off, and it give me a message " Cant listen to music while recording". So i need Force stop IF then to turn on music
Note 5
Android 6.0.3
Hotfix update after Dash 8

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Strange. Why it is recording?

The temporary solution would be to listen the music on a different device or computer.

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I have never had this problem on iOS. What app are you using (if not the built in one) to listen to music. As this could be the problem.

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Normal Music Non built in

Ok. Because on iOS when I tried to use the built in player it wouldn’t work. So, now I use Spotify and it works perfectly fine. It could be different for android but worth a try.

@R_Jordanian uses Android, if you didn’t notice ☺

Just thought you should know 😊

Yes I did but I was thinking maybe only certain apps can play music over another.

Yeah, that may be true.

The weird part is that until it stops it plays and when it stops, it says that it is recording. Weird.

Is there any app for android that can do that?I would love to listen to music in Solo…definitely not LiVE

I use the default music player when I fly. I always run it before I take off simulating the safety videos onboard. Air New Zealand’s safety video is so awesome. If you aren’t using the default player give it a try.

I made a video using an Air New Zealand Safety video.

On Android, we have the built in IF recorder. If you listen to music before flying, it’ll stop it and give you that message. It probably has to do with permissions. Nothing you can do about that and I’ve got an S7

Wierd that your having this problem. I just checked soundcloud, Milk(samsung), amazon prime music and default music player and flightcast(Samsung Internet only) while on live(with commands) and solo and they all work. You can hear the commands, engine sound and music all at once even while recording.

Devices I checked on:
Samsung Galaxy S7 android 6.0.1
LG G4 android 6.0
LG G2 android 5.0.2

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