Can't Link Community Account

Device: Iphone XR
Operating system: iOS 16.72

Hi so I am trying to connect my account to my phone but I cannot log in to it under the Pro page and displays error 1 which I understand is due to my account not being connected to my IFC account but when I go under settings and account on my phone the connect to community account is just grayed out and I cannot click anything but the pro button. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? what can I do to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that this should clear it up for you more :)

I had the same problem today morning. I removed the app and downloaded it again. After it my account was again connected and showing that I have subscription.

Welcome to the community, @Cytomic! I had the same issue a few months ago, it solved itself a few days later. Let me know!

So when I try to buy a Pro subscription it prompts me to add a payment and when I type in my card I can’t click the done button and add the payment.

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