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Hello. I’ve been trying to link my account in-game for a while now but everytime I try to do so it takes me to the authorization page and when I tap the “authorize” button it only takes me back to the game and nothing changes. It’s stiil not linked with my IFC account. Although I can see my stats and everything but my account is still shown as not linked and I cannot use the option “show my username” as everytime I toggle it to show in-game it automatically deselects it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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When it takes you to the IFC, do you have to log in at all? If so, try logging in and see what happens,

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No. Once I tap connect in the in-game settings page (sttings - live - connect) it takes me straight to the page where I need to “authorize” for it to start the link. There is no option or need to login

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If your device already has a session to the IFC then you wont need to log in. Simply press authorize.

What you can try is on your device log out of the IFC and then try to link it and it should ask you to log in again. Sometimes cachey things happen with the web.

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Ok I’ll try this option and see what happens. Kindly keep this thread open in case that doesn’t work and I need further assistance. Thanks👍

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Nope. Still doesn’t work. I’ve tried logging out of the entire game and logging back in as well but still it won’t let me link it.

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@Felix_Monroe - make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. It’s something you need to have for this to work.

Also, what device are you on? :)

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Android. Realme 1 RMX. Cookies are on. I always keep it on


Which browser are you using on the device as default? We’ve had one other user report the same issue so we’re digging a bit.

I’m using Chrome.

Is there a step-by-step guide to show me how to link my account to IF. I want to cross-check whether I’ve done it properly. Basically I want to see whether I’m being a massive idiot and doing it wrong or it’s genuinely a glitch from your end @schyllberg

Video tutorial:

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I don’t believe you’re doing anything wrong. We’re probably looking at some sort of issue.

I have an engineer looking at this already but it’s a bit off-hours for the time being.

Ok no worries. Let me know if and when you find a solution. I’m a staff member over at Jet Airways Virtual and we are moving our operations to a php based crew center soon. And for that I need to have my account linked as otherwise I won’t be able to file any pireps or do anything else for that matter. Hence my desire for this to be solved as urgently as possible.


This is very helpful, Thanks!

@Felix_Monroe - can you share your current callsign?

Jet Airways 003VA @schyllberg

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