Cant like anything

Im new to this community, but for some reason i cant like anything or level up in tiers


Check that post out, it will explain everything there is about the forums to new users such as yourself. Cheers!

I hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay in our community ;)


Hi, to level up to different trust levels make sure to be active. This includes responding to posts, creating posts, and liking others posts. Check out this link for additional information:

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Read the topics, add coments. You have level up in your account.


You have to be active. I earned TL2 in only 2 months, because
I was extremely active. Just create useful topics, reply, and boom. You have reached the next trust level.

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I think you are all misunderstanding this completely… The OP isn’t asking how to get to TL2, his issue is that he cannot like any posts.
@WatchYourself135 as this seems to be an issue specific to you, I’d either PM a moderator (don’t do all of them…) Or wait until the issue is resolved.