Can't level up to TL2

Hello commanders:

I try ti be very active to get the requirements for leveling up to TL2 and now that I have them all, I am still in TL1. Can someone please explain me what do I have to do or if a staff member can put me in TL2?

Feel free to check my profil just to make sure I am not lying. ;)

Thank you.

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Just gotta stay active and remain liking and having comments liked, you’ll get there!


I know but I already have everything to get it, it isn’t necessary to do more things.

Please refer to this page. Hopefully you’ll reach it soon!

Thank you, but it didn’t help me.

Please keep in mind the IF Staff have modified these requirements to make it more about being active rather than trying to get a number of likes or similar.

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As I mentioned at the beginning, I already reached the requirements for TL2.

My goal isn’t leveling up fast to just be regular and only getting numbers, I need TL2 for my job as staff in a VA.


The requirements from the IFC are different from what @Joseph007 stated above.

Keep doing what you are doing and you will get there. You think that you have done enough but it might not even be halfway through.


Then you’ll just have to wait. The topic @Tnel linked is very useful, but also check out this post by yours truly that I reckon explains it pretty well.

Thank you, this is the reply that helped me the most.

No more replies needed, good day.