Can't keep the plane straight on takeoff.

So I have been having this problem for a while, and I am sure I’m just doing it wrong, but on takeoff for every plane, I shift to the right a lot, as soon as I lift my nose wheel up off the ground. Anybody have any proper procedure to fix this? (Probably sound like an idiot lol) I use the ERJ-195 most often

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I used to have that problem, it really depends on the wind etc. But also can occur when wind is at a minimum.

I usually use a slight amount of rudder to keep it on the runway.


Is this due to wind? Or are you saying no matter the wind direction you veer to the right…?

I think what he is saying as he is accelerating, he veers off the runway. But I was just considering check the wind…

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Yes, I tried it on solo with no wind, etc. I just veer off. I bet some of it has to do with wind though.

Are your alierons and rudder coupled?

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Try practicing with slight rudder, practice makes perfect!

Sounds odd. Check the coupling. Check the calibration of your device, even calibrating slightly off center could make a difference…?

try on solo, no wind with HDG activated.

No don’t activate the heading that’s not the way to learn

Not realistic. Use slight rudder if it veers.

Coupling is on. I always calibrate as soon as I line up.

Un couple them and just use the rudder that will do the trick

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Thanks, I will definitely do that as soon as I can!

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Use yoke or little rudder as others have mentioned.

You can also set heading on your AP

Also, if you veer quite strongly to one side at a high speed, it’s time to take off.
(I think)

Nope, it was the coupling! I turned it off and had a fantastic take off! Thanks @Brandon_Sandstrom


Anytime boss

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okey I tried it now but it still doesn’t work properly. With Auto-coordination off you have less intense veering off the runway but only to if the wind is coming at an angle of 30-50degrees max in relation to your runway heading. With crosswind 10kts+, not even full rudder extent can prohibit that. And tbh, if you are holding your device still with auto-coordination on it shouldn’t happen either. Device was always calibrated before takeoff. IMHO, this needs a fix with or without auto-coordination.

What plane are you in @LSZH34