Can't join any of the servers

I’m using an iPad Air (4th generation) with OS 17.3.1.

I load the game and when I select the airport to search airports, no airports appear on the screen. If I press Fly, the aircraft is the only plane on the airport. I don’t see the options for ATC or any of the three servers.

I have rebooted the device a few times, tried connecting on mobile data, went to flight mode and back to wifi to re-establish connection, but no luck.

I do not use a VPN and also tried configuring the DNS on the iPad to and

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks, Jason

Operating system:

This may sound silly, but have you ensured that you’ve clicked onto the multiplayer tab? You might be on the single player tab, which is likely spawning you on solo over and over.


Super embarrassed to admit, but that was the problem @Thunderbolt. Thank you.

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Thanks Matt 👍

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