Can't Invite people to Message

I have been struggling with this for a while now. I can enter a email/username to invite someone to a Message or PM. Plz help
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FedEx VA Events Manager


Known issue on mobile. Only solution is too request desktop mode on your device to invite people


You can change to Desktop view for it to work, but you shouldn’t need to.

What device do you have?

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I create an issue on but no one ever replied :(

iPhone 6+ Is what I have

And I use the Google App

Thanks! Go for desktop view for now. I’ll have a chat with Discourse and see if they can find anything.

Google? Chrome? What if you use Safari in your iPhone instead?

I guess that can work.

@Michael_Weinblatt this belongs in #meta not #support. #support is for issues with IF, #meta is for the forum

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If you use Safari, does it work then? It’s pretty vital for me to know.
@Insertusernamehere - do you know anything in regards of Safari vs Chrome?


I’m on chrome, haven’t tried with safari. I will try with the stock Samsung internet to see if it’s an issue with chrome

It works on safari, but when I like something and it says I’m out of likes, then I can close the pop up.

So you can invite people on safari?

@schyllberg @Michael_Weinblatt