Can't Hear Voice: ATC and Other Pilots

I’m currently sitting at KIAH on the expert server. I can’t hear other pilots or ATC. I can hear other planes. I’ve updated my app. Restarted my iPad. Changed voices in settings. Not sure what else to do… Any ideas?

“ With Apple’s recent release of iOS 13 for iPhones and iPadOS for iPads, some users are experiencing an issue where their voices are missing from their Infinite Flight in-app settings. If you are experiencing this please follow the steps below:

1.) Go to your device Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Over -> Speech -> Voice
2.) Once here you will see tables for voices broken down by English (US, Australia, India, Ireland, etc.)
3.) Download the voices by clicking on the cloud icon with the arrow that points downward found on the right of the voice name. Pro Tip: You have to click on each voice and then tap on the cloud icon to download.

After you have the voices installed on your device go ahead and restart your device & then launch Infinite Flight. You should now see the list of select-able voices under your Live Settings for both Pilot and ATC.”

This is taken from the support FAQ. Give it a try :)

Hi! This is a semi-common issue, please check out some other solved topics and see if they help! The following topic would be your best bet, let us know if you need any more help!

That worked. Strange, because I had to do that before. Wonder why it keeps happening when I haven’t made any changes to the device or app. Thanks.

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I have iOS, but thanks anyway. It’s fixed.

Glad I could help, enjoy your flight 🙂

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