Can't hear sound effects?

Hi everyone I have been the victim of not being able to hear the sound affects. I can hear ATC and other pilots, but cant hear aircraft noises etc. I have tried a restart, clear cache and re-install the sim. All of those didn’t work. My iPad isn’t in do not disturb mode and the in game sound effects volume is turned up to the max. Of course my volume is turned up. Im really frustrated at the moment and wish help. Ive read similar articles and googled advice which non helped my issue. NOTE: The sound isn’t completely gone. Instead the sound affects stay for a while and then, well just disappear. In order to get the sound affects back I need to double tap the home button and then re-enter the sim. After doing so the sound disappears in less than 5 seconds. This is really frustrating and a waste of time.

Im on an iPad 5th Generation (iPad 2017)
Im running the latest version of the simulator (Version 19.2.3)
Im on iPad OS 13 Beta 4 (I stated this as I think this might be a problem)

Im willing to give out more info if required
Thanks for the help
Regards Jason

I suggest looking through this topic and trying to revert to iOS 12 if you can.

This would be your issue