Can't hear Pilot/ATC Voice

i have the following problem. I haven’t played Infinity Flight in a while, but I haven’t deleted it from my tablet. Now I started playing it again. The problem is that I don’t hear the pilot’s voice and the ATC voice. I’ve already restarted my tablet, often changed the ATC voices in the menu, but I don’t hear the test message either.

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Press the Menu Button in the top left corner (next to your account profile) > Press Settings > Press Audio (towards the bottom; second to last) > Adjust the ATC Volume to your prefrerence.

You can also delete the app which will reset all settings.

Let me know if that works.

Hi, this does not work. It is on max.

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Which device are you using and what is the OS version?

When you go to Settings, Online and select a voice, do you hear “This is a test message”?

Hi, no. I dont hear the Test-Message either. About 1 year ago, i heard the test-message

You forgot to answer the first questions! 😉

I’m going to assume you’re using an iPad.

Check if in iPadOS the Voices under Spoken Content are still working.

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Spoken Content → Voices

They may have to be downloaded again.

No, sorry. I have a Samsung S6 Lite Tablet.

In that case, you should check the TTS (Text-to-speech) engine settings.
The preferred engine and the installed voice data in the settings.

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The setting was turned off, i turned it on, but it don’t work :(

You need to install voice data to get the voices working.
When that’s done, you can select the voices in IF.

That worked. Thank you very much!

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Glad it’s working now.
Happy flying! 🙂