Cant hear game audio

Hi for some reason I cant hear my game audio after I turned it back on I am on IOS

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Could you elaborate? After you turned what back on?

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So before I went to asleep I put the slider for the SFX and ATC volume slider all the way to the left and now after I put both sliders all the way to the right I still cant hear the game audio

Hi, I have this problem with my original iPad Air. I couldn’t get it to work, but I found that if you use headphones, then the sound works fine. Hope this helps

Check if your phone is on silent? Or if you have put your phone volume all the way down? You could try and restart the app that usually works!

Yea but I did the same thing a ton of times and this is the first time I cant hear anything

Is your device silenced? I have come across this issue and turning on and off the silence mode works.

My phone isn’t on silent and the Volume is on

Your problem is that your device is muted. Entirely different.

My volume usually goes when I use my AirPods as it’s usually connected to both my phone and iPad. It works after I restart the app! Hope that helps

What kind of device are you using?

Yeah it’s just a glitch it happens to me sometimes too, what I do is i go on the pause menu and then go back to resume flight or I quickly go on the Home Screen and go back on the game after like 3 seconds

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I tried to use my headphones for my game audio to see if it works and it doesn’t .

iPhone 6s …

Okay. Then it’s most likely an issue of the sound engine crashing.

Have you at some point changed audio output for the device during this time? As that is the most usual cause for this.

No, volume on all other apps was fine.

Different apps behaves differently when it comes to this.

Let me check if my volume runs for other apps

It most likely will, since it’s the connection between the app and your device that has failed.

The audio works for other apps I just checked it with YouTube