Can't Hear ATIS

I spawned into an active airport and connected to ATIS, but there was no sound coming from the ATC and no words popping up at the top of my screen. What should I do?

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How is your internet connection?

Good, I’ve got all green and no problems.

Try to re spawn

Check your audio levels, ATC might be muted.


Already respawned once, will do it again. My audio levels should be good but I’ll check them just to be sure.

Do you stay on ATIS frequency for the whole time? Because if you tune out the sound stops.

I’ve had this issue before. All I had to do it restart the app. If that doesn’t work, just go to the other basic response, re-install it.

Also had the issue yesterday. And what I did is quickly go onto another application and then wait 5 seconds and back into infinite flight and it solved the issue

You can also try going to settings and selecting the same voice again this should help with the voice but I don’t know about the words. sorry.

The most likely reason…

Is your device volume all the way down?

Was it showing on the ATC log?

The atis only pops up when controller publishe the atis. It may have been probable that the controller took over the airspace just moments before. Stay tuned and give time to the controller, the atis will show up. :) Hope that helps. :)


After a couple minutes of troubleshooting, I uninstalled the app and when I logged back in, it was working again. Thank you everyone for your help, it was much appreciated :)

You didn’t answer any questions about it though? I’m led to believe it just wasn’t published on the ATC side, if this is the case I don’t want you to think you need to uninstall the app every tine ATC is a bit slow to publish it.

Yes, I did stay on for the entire time, but the problem was that I couldn’t hear it from the beginning (the moment I tuned in)

Device volume was on full, but I double checked to confirm

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No, it wasn’t showing on ATC log, nor was it showing at the top of my screen.

Likely it wasn’t published then. I doubt it was an issue with the app.

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