Can't hear ATC

Hi, I’m in a flight now from MMSD - MMMX, and I can’t hear the ATC (Mexico Center), does anyone know why?

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Do you have the ATC volume up? Is in the settings.

Yes i do have it

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Its on 100%

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tuned in and out already?

What server are you on? If you are on Expert Server then Mexico Center is currently unavailable.

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Training Server

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Yes, i alreadh did that


Before this gets rare, are you within 405 nm from the airport that center is being controlled at?

342 NM away from it

Can you hear your aircraft sounds?

Yes, i can

And they niw went offline

They’re now on

Still cant hear @JetSuperior5192 @AlaskaAirfireball111 @JPs_Aviation

My next thought is to restart Infinite Flight, however I don’t know if that is the best course of action…

Ill probably do that atfer the flight

What are you playing on

Make sure silent mode is off this happens to me a lot

Settings → Online → Pilot Voice → click the voice you have currently selected until you hear this is a test message… you should be set!