Can't hear ATC

Why I can’t hear ATC

Have you tried raising the volume?
Maybe you were playing in the Solo mode?

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Check audio settings, make sure ATC volume is not at 0. If that does not work then it’s probably your device and you have the device muted.

I play live but I cannot hear any voice have no idea why

Ok I’ll check it now

Maybe ATC is not online, or no one is using unicom.

I just try it nothing happened my device not mute and I’ll be crazy don’t know what happened one hour ago all was ok now everything crazy

Try restarting it.

Known issue. It usually happens if you are playing IF, switch to another app and then come back wihout shutting it down in the background ((:

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I’ll try thanks

I’ll try it thanks for help

I still have the same problem ATC not working I have no idea why !!! If someine able to help please tell me what I can do
By the way I try everything still no sound