Can't hear ATC sound,

does anyone know why the sound of ATC in live multiplayer not appears, just text,
i had already try to reinstall but still same
my phone is Redmi Note2, MIUI7, thanks,

Try go to settings, live and set atc volume to the very left

This has happened to me once, just restart and I think you should be fine.

Turn on ur sound, lol

This happened to me the other day i closed the app and reopened it and it worked.

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Very right no?

Yes very right

Never heard of this, lol. It could be a technical issue with your device? Maybe try looking through the Infinite Flight settings or your device preferences?

i had turn on the volume on IF and phone, but stil not appears

How about on your physical device? Use the volume controls.

yes, i hd turn on the physic volume also, but stlil, no cange

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Try restarting your device

I’ve found that you can’t have your phone on silent or mute. Is it only Atc or is it all sound?

thanks all its solved, apprently because i use local language in my device, but when i switced to english, its works


Ok, that makes sense. Feel free to make a feature request to support all languages!


Restarting your device should help.
Happened to me once

This happens when you exit out the app. If you go back on and your flight is still active you won’t be able to hear ATC due to the fact that you left the app. If you are in a middle of a flight and you don’t want to leave you will have to just deal with it and look at the text. If you don’t care just exit the flight and restart the app :)

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