Can't Hear ATC/Other Pilots

So basically no matter what volume setting I put the ATC at in the “settings” tab or on my phone I can’t hear ATC’s response or other pilots communicating with ATC (this is very difficult when I am running ATC operations) however I can hear MY responses. This problem has been happening to me since roughly October 2019. I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9.

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Try to see if your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device or other things that don’t transmit the sound

Try restarting Infinite Flight.

I have it connected to my Galaxy Buds which I wear. The problem is i can hear myself but bot others.

@ThomasThePro This has been going on for quite some time so restarting hasn’t worked.

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Try to

-restart your phone and App
-force stop IF in settings
-reinstalls IF

You shouldn’t tell them to uninstall unless they want all their replays to be gone and if they are okay with it.

This button?

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Yeah exactly

I’ll try it. What exactly would it do though?

Btw found this online about Force stopping sn app.

It’s gonna clear App cach like it say In your picture, trust me it’s not gonna break your phone or app

Just tried it with no success.

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Ok contact a moderator

I will but I might have found a solution. I’ll try that if this doesn’t work.

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Can I ask what contact a mod does in this situation?

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They will help you contact

By chance do androids have a “Mute” Option? May be a dumb question but i’ve never owned an Android, if so, maybe check on that😅

Hi, I have two solutions that you can try.

In IF go setting -> Live -> Default Voice, and then change that one to the same one you use for Pilot Voice (two options above it), or another voice listed that you can get to work (these are the downloaded voices on your device already.

However, this will cause your voice and everyone’s else voice to sound the same (if you select the same one selected for Pilot Voice), unless another player is using a voice you have downloaded. If you want to download more voices so you can hear a wider variety of voices in IF from other players, or change the Default Voice to something different from your Pilot Voice, follow the steps in the thread below!

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