Can't hear any pilot voices/Unicom/ATC

Hello everyone!

Today I am looking for your help about an issue. Since last week (Saturday to be precise) I can’t hear ATC or Unicom or other pilots voices (this also happens when controlling and on all Servers.) However the really strange thing is, sometimes I hear the commands for a specific callsign. For example I was flying at UEEE yesterday. Again I couldn’t hear my own requests and I couldn’t hear ATC or other pilots requests as well. But suddenly I could hear “Holding position, Aeroflot 420”, then “Pushback approved, Aeroflot 420” and finally “taxiing to runway 05R, Aeroflot 420”. The same thing happened at UHHH. I could only hear what a Ukraine International Callsign was saying (can’t remember the exact callsign.) I have deleted amd reinstalled IF and restarted my device, which is a Huawei P20 lite running on Android Version 9.

Hope you can help me.

You might need to change the pilot voice to something actually installed on your device.

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G’day @Aviation-21
Do you own an adriod or ios device?
Just to make sure your silent mode is off. Also go into your IF settings, select Audio and make sure they’re both at an appropriate sound level. Make sure you’ve updated your device to the latest version of software and Infinite Flight. If the problem keeps persisting I’d advice the old shut down and switch it back on. This could also be because you have a certain voice installed.
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Hello, @Aviation-21!

Maybe this is because you have a certain voice installed?

Go to your devices settings then Accessibility -> Voice Over -> Speech. Make sure you have all of the voices downloaded and once you’ve done that go ahead and reboot Infinite Flight.

Let me know what happens after you’ve done this!


I don’t think that is the case because he can only hear one person speaking, if he only had a certain voice installed then he’d be able to hear everyone but everyone would have the same voice

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Hello @BravoCharlie @Luke_L @xsrvmy
Thanks for your responses however I don’t think the voices are the problem as I’ve been using the same voice since I started playing IF and the problem suddenly started last weekend. My device and Android version are stated in the post and I habe already shut down and restarted my device. The ATC volume and other volume (forgot the name lol) are turned up and the mobile sounds as well (engine sounds etc work perfectly fine).
Thanks anyways

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Same here. I can hear others but not myself

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What device do you have? (just out of curiosity)

Another user had the same issue the other day:

Maybe check your TTS engine?

I don’t exactly know how to do that on this device (googled it but my device has different settings). Could you help me find it?

It’s usually under the Accessibility settings & Text to speech.

Ans what exactly do I have to check there?

That is a very good question! People have a tendency of not saying exactly what they did to resolve their own issues :)

But I’m gonna bring @Kirito_77 in. He’s better on the Android specifics than i am :)

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Ok thank you :-)

This might help you find the settings to change the voices on Android.

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I did what they said but nothing has changed.

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I’m flattered 😊

Anyways, @Aviation-21 the process may vary slightly for you, but in essence here we go:

Firstly, make sure you have the latest TTS installed on your device which can be found at the link above.

Next, go into your accessibility settings on your device: this is usually found in the main settings page but can vary slightly:

Double check that you have Google TTS selected as the default speech output, and report back here with your findings 🙂

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Hey thanks for helping (again). I do have the most recent version and everything looks the same on my device as in your screenshot

Did you make sure your mute switch is off? It can be found on the side of your device or in control center.

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Yeah definitely also all the other sounds (engines etc.) work

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